This is the second year I have ordered from here and the service was very courteous and helpful!!!!
Thank you for all your help!!!
Happy Chanukah!!!!
Thomas Mulroy
Website Rating = Excellent!Online Ordering System = Excellent!Level of Service = Excellent!Quality = Excellent!Value and Pricing = Excellent! dec 2015

Thomas Mulroy

Everything we ordered form you was great our Mishloach Manot Bags were a wonderful success and everyone loved them thank you for your Israeli products we put into them next year we will want your hamentashen too - your samples were Delicious ! Hag Sameach and have a blessed Pesach
Beth Ami Congregation
Boca Raton, Florida
March 2016

Beverly Strauss

We got the chocolate dipped hamentashen for our Mishloach Manot and they are a huge hit. They looked so good in the cellophane bags too! The only complaint is from the people who were making the bags – they tell me the fit was a little snug. Something to think about. We got a lot of our stuff from you, as we do every year, and the compliments abound.
Chag Purim Sameach!
Hoboken, NJ
March 2016

Louise Kurtz

Good Morning! Just a quick note to say thank you for your excellent customer care and products. Our gelt and dreidels arrived in perfect condition and much sooner than expected. I was relieved that our items arrived well before our congregation dinner for 250+ people! The children loved learning about dreidels and how to play. The chocolate gelt was delicious and rich in flavor, unlike many bulk food stores. We will keep you in mind for future orders. Thank you again from the sunny West Coast!
Megan Fernsten

Megan Fernsten

We so enjoyed the chocolate coins and the included dreidel was real treat! The first night my husband and I and our 8-year-old daughter sat on the floor together for over an hour playing dreidel - it was so nice, all three of us having fun playing a simple game together, no TV, no electronics - just being together as a family. Thanks for being part of this special time.Website Rating = Above-AverageOnline Ordering System = Above-AverageLevel of Service = Excellent!Quality = Excellent!Value and Pricing = Excellent!
from Burlington, NC
Dec 2014

Jenni Zima

We had the BEST Hanukkah Party, and my friends were not even Jewish!
In the evening, we all played driedles with your gelt, your wooden driedles and thankfully the individual game cards. Everybody of all ages was on the floor.
I got the package very quickly and put the gelt in the made it all the more exciting to plan for the party with this excellent package.
and Happy New Year
Jilly Mandeson
Website Rating = Excellent!Online Ordering System = Excellent!Level of Service = Excellent!Quality = Above-AverageValue and Pricing = Excellent!
from Mountain view, Ca
January 2015

Jilly Mandeson

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