Shalach Manot Purim Gifts

Nut-Free Apricot Hamantaschen by pound Chocolate Dipped with Sprinkles

Order for Purim 2019 NOW!

13-14 cookies per lb. About 65 cookies per 5 lbs tray. Hamentashen size about 3 inches…

Nut-Free Hamantaschen by pound Parve Pas Yisroel - CHOCOLATE DIP

Order for Purim 2019 NOW!

14-15 cookies per lb. About 65 cookies per 5 lbs tray. Cookie size 2.5-3 inches on…

Dear customers, we are just sharing what you've said!

My package arrived within two days after ordering, from New York to NC, and I had free shipping! Each item had been handled with care, and wrapped very well.

The chocolate smell emanating from the box was heavenly. Of course, I had to sample a few coins to make sure they were fresh, and they did not disappoint.

My last few online purchases with other companies have been so frustrating that I had become reluctant to ever order online again. However, renewed my trust in online shopping. You were professionals from start to finish and I am very happy...


Looking for a large number of mishloach manot or Purim fundraiser supplies? Please browse through our selection of Purim packaging and fillers. We also offer pre-packed mishloach manot in large quantities. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.