Chanukah Dreidels Bulk

100 Wood Dreidel

Size: 1.5 inches. Great size dreidel for playing and party decorating!

100 Natural Wood Dreidels make an ideal traditional addition…

100 Wooden Dreidels with English Letters - Deluxe

Dreidel size 1.5 inches top to bottom. BESTSELLER! 100 Natural Wood Dreidels with English letters make an ideal traditional…

50 Large Wood Dreidels

Natural wood dreidel. Size top to bottom: 3 inches. Easy to spin. Great for schools. These large wood dreidels…

50 Large Wood Dreidels Deluxe

Size top to bottom: 3 inches. Wooden dreidels with Hebrew and English letters. Each side has English transliteration of…

Discount Bulk Case of 500 Natural Wood Dreidels

500 wood dreidels 1.5 inch sold in bulk. Great for retail, big community events, parties. These are traditional natural wood…

100 Silver Dreidels

Size: 1.75 inches. 100 metallic silver dreidels, medium size. Traditional Chanukah color! Where to buy dreidels? You found us!…

500 Mixed Metallic Dreidels

Beautiful Metallic Dreidels in Assorted colors. Medium Size 1.75 inch. Every dreidel has English transliteration of the Hebrew letter…

100 Blue Metallic Dreidels

1.75 inch blue metallic dreidels. Beautiful and shiny for your Chanukah celebration. Deep blue dreidel color is great…

50 Large Wood Dreidel Craft

Discount case of 50 craft dreidels.
Great for arts and crafts projects. Plain 3 inch tall wood dreidel. Paint…

100 Gold Dreidels

100 gold plastic dreidels. Dreidels measure 1.75 inches tall and 0.75 inches wide.

These gold dreidels will…

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Did you know? Facts about Jewish tradition:
Dreidels are four-sided spin tops. Dreidel Game has been around for a few hundred years and is played during the 8 days of Hanukkah. The word Dreidel comes from Yiddish word "dreyen" - "to turn". In Israel dreidels are called "sevivon", Hebrew word comes from the root "sbb" - "to turn".

However, if you are in this section of our website you probably know all about dreidels. This is our wholesale department and you are in the right place to buy discount packs of dreidels. If you are planning a big Hanukkah party or a project and need hundreds or even thousands of dreidels - wooden, gold dreidels, silver dreidels, fillable etc - we'll send them to you! Let us know if you cannot find what you are looking for, we'll be happy to help.

We'll make your Chanukah event planning easy and fun, so all you will have to do is sing with us!

I have a little dreidel. I made it out of clay.
When it's dry and ready, then dreidel I shall play.
Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made it out of clay.
Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, then dreidel I shall play.

My dreidel's always playful. It loves to dance and spin.
A happy game of dreidel, come play now let's begin.
Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, it loves to dance and spin.
Oh dreidel, dreidel, dreidel. Come play now let's begin.

When you have you draydels your need some tokens for the game. It is always more fun to have Hanukkah gelt instead of real money. Complete your Hanukkah experience with our chocolate coins and your celebration will turn out to be a great success!