Mishloach Manot in Bulk Cases

Purim Hamentashen Mini Gift of 4 cookies (Discount Case of 32)

Case of 32 individual containers with 4 hamentashen each. Nut-free, Kof-K Parve Kosher. Mini Hamentashen Gift packages include 4…

Medium Purim Gift Hamentash Box (CASE of 20)

This gift comes pre-packed and ready for distribution. This gift is packed in our exclusive triangle Purim box. …

Purim Gift: Hugs & Chag Sameach (CASE OF 20 Mini Manot)

Case of 20 Purim Gift "Hugs and Chag Sameach". Delicious idea for a Purim party or a large family.…

Masquerade Mishloach Manot (Case of 20)

Planning a fundraiser? talk to us about samples! Try before you buy. Case of 20 Purim gifts. This gift comes pre-packed…

Large Purim Gift Treats of Israel (Case of 20)

Planning a fundraiser? talk to us about samples! Try before you buy.

Case of 20 Purim gifts. Our exclusive large Purim…

Shalach Manot Gift Box - Shipped in Bulk (min 50)

These items require assembly - not pre-packed.
Once assembled, each gift includes the following:
1 Purim Gift Box
4 Pave Hamentashen
2 Chocolate…

Shalach Manot Supplies Sample

FREE - You pay for shipping only and we'll apply the amount towards your future Purim order. Order early…

Dear customers, we are just sharing what you've said!

I ordered a case of 310 chocolate coins in bulk (product id 1336). While they arrived on time and were tasty, the thin plastic of the tub did crack in places, and a few of the chocolate coins were "opened" (that is, one side of the foil had fallen off). Even so, the identical size of all pieces and kosher certification was incredibly helpful in putting on a great Chanukah party for our student organization. We'll definitely look into purchasing Hamantaschen through your company for our Purim party.Website Rating = Above-AverageOnline Ordering System = Excellent!Level of Service = Excellent!Quality =...

WPI Hillel

So much goes into planning a Purim Mishloach Manot. From packaging to budgeting to sourcing the products. Figuring out what packaging to use and what items to fit inside and maybe coming us with a holiday theme. It can be a lot of fun but also a time-consuming overwhelming undertaking, especially for a project planner who doesn't have so many resources or volunteers to help out. This is where comes in and we've been doing this since 2003! We are able to source the best product at the best price because we distribute a great quantity all over the country. We are happy to share our resources and expertise with you to make your project a real celebration.

Customers come back to us year after year for economical, fresh and beautiful pre-packed Purim Baskets.

Looking for individual mishloach manot to send to different addresses? We can send Purim gifts to your friends and family. Browse through our shalach manot section or contact us for further assistance.


Hamentashen for your Purim Carnival or mishloach manot project. Mmm... Kosher and so good :)

Purim Graggers
Purim Graggers

Groggers for your megillah reading. So many to choose from. Make Noise! Celebrate!

Purim Boxes & Bags
Shalach Manot Purim Gifts

Individaul Mishloach manot. When you need to send just one to a friend, we can do that too.