Chocolategelt.com/give is a way to turn chocolate gelt into research funds, scholarships, after school programs, sisterhood charitable events and more.
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Chocolategelt.com/give Fundraising Shops for Non-Profits.

The story

Great things start with one person making a commitment and taking initiative! Chocolategelt.com/give Initiative was launched by Chocolategelt.com (Party Judaica LLC) on September 15, 2016 inspired by Melissa Chaikof, a mother of two daughters both of whom were diagnosed with Usher 1F syndrome.

Melissa's daughters are loosing their sight and hearing because of this diagnosis. There can be a cure, she said, if not for her daughters at least for the children who come after. Melissa started a foundation (Usher 1F Collaborative) to help fund medical research. She reached out to us to do a Chanukah fundraiser. Melissa's compelling story propelled us to think of ways how to bring our products to Usher 1F foundation members to help with fundraising efforts. Chocolategelt.com/give was born.

We have the technological expertise and logistical advantage that comes from being in business for over 10 years and we are happy to share it. Expanding this initiative further, we are offering the service to non-profits that need funds for their projects. We welcome inquiries from non-profits, sisterhoods, schools and other organizations needing to raise funds. We love the idea of helping organizations with their fundraising efforts in this electronic age.

Shop chocolategelt.com/give/usher1f to help Melissa's cause.

Chocolategelt.com/give #chocolategelt

Some people need a miracle but while we are waiting for it we are being active in contributing our support to research efforts.

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Chocolategelt.com/give Fundraising Shops for Non-Profits #chocolategelt chocolate gelt

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