Chanukkah candles that come from Israel are a true token of our long-lasting civilization and religion. Jewish people have always stood together as one even when they are thousands of miles apart. That's also the case with Hanukkah candles. Chanukkah candles are made in Israel with great care and pride. If you are celebrating Hanukkah and lighting a menorah try to buy candles made in Israel because by doing that they are helping Israeli small businesses and economy in general. You will help other Israeli families feed their families, while at the same time you will get quality and affordable products that you can't possibly get elsewhere.

Hanukkah candles made in Israel burn brighter, in a figurative way of course, but knowing that they were made by people from the country we all love will make your Hanukkiah lighting more meaningful.

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Every year more and more candles are exported from Israel to the US and many other countries so people like you could light a true Hanukah candle made in Israel. Back in the day, some hundreds of years ago, candles were made from animal fat. Today, of course, Chanukah candles are made from paraffin or beeswax. This technology revolutionized candle production and made it a lot easier, faster and without a doubt animal-friendly. It also helped us to have dripless candles.

Why do we light a menorah for 8 days?

Probably many of you ask yourself, why do Jewish people light menorah for 8 days? Little bit of history of why this is the case: The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah celebrates two major victories: The victory in 2nd century BC of a small army or Jews called Maccabees, who were outnumbered greatly by Greeks. Greeks wanted to enforce a Hellenistic lifestyle to Jewish inhabitants in Israel, and Jewish people succeeded to prevent that. In spite of the Greek supremacy in both number and weapons, Maccabees won.

The second is the burning of seven branched Menorah as a part of the daily ceremony performed in the Holy Temple. The Maccabees freed the temple from the Greeks and wanted to light the Menorah in honour of that. Sadly, they could find only a small amount of olive oil that could be used for lighting Menorah, and it was enough for only one day. Greeks have used up and contaminated all the oil, and only the crude oil was left. In spite of that, miraculously Menorah burnt for the whole 8 days and 8 nights. That's why the important tradition of the Festival of Lights is to light the candles on the menorah, which is a candelabrum that can hold 8 candles. The ninth candle, however, is called the Shamash, and it is used to light the other 8 candles.

Chanukah Candles Made in Israel are Special

When we take everything into account, not just any candle can deserve to be lit as a Hanukkah candle. Only candles specifically made for Hanukkah from Israel can live up to this magical holiday.

In addition to that, the least we can do is support Israel's economy and use candles made in Israel by people who make Israel a beautiful oasis for many of us to visit and enjoy.

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