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 Plastic Electric Menorah (White) 

Plastic Electric Menorah (White) (SKU#: 194)
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Price: $23.00 - $27.99 

 Plastic Electric Menroah (Silver) 

Plastic Electric Menroah (Silver) (SKU#: 195)
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Price: $26.50 - $29.99 

 Traditional Brass Menorah 

Traditional Brass Menorah (SKU#: 202)
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Price: $26.00 - $29.99 

 Traditional Silver Menorah 9 in 

Traditional Silver Menorah 9 in (SKU#: 1206)
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Price: $14.99 - $17.99 

 Tin Menorahs imported from Israel - PACK of 10 

Tin Menorahs imported from Israel - PACK of 10 (SKU#: 1383)
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Price: $29.95  $18.99 

 Tin Menorah - Economy PACK of 10 

Tin Menorah - Economy PACK of 10 (SKU#: 1368)
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Price: $18.99 - $22.00 

Dear customers, we are just sharing what you've said! has come through again! We order our Chanukah supplies every year from you and every year you continue your stellar service. Of course, we love your chocolate - the best! And we love...

Untitled Document offers all essential Chanukah menorahs you may need. Candles to light a menorah, chocolate coins to play a traditional game of dreidels, small Chanukah gifts and favors to give out at your Chanukah party, and all these items are available in bulk if you are planning a big event. We strive to bring you prompt order delivery combined with responsive customer service and affordable prices. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!
01.Tin Menorah - Economy PACK of 10
02.Plastic Electric Menorah (White)
03.Traditional Silver Menorah 9 in
04.Tin Menorahs imported from Israel - PACK of 10
05.Plastic Electric Menroah (Silver)
06.Traditional Brass Menorah ships dreidels and chocolate coins from New York

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