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Welcome to #GeltCreative :)
We always like ideas (like free coloring pages for Chanukah) and encourage you to use materials available here and share your own, contact us any time! Color & post social with hashtag #geltcreative! Have fun! These were designed in Israel by Veronika Karat.

Click. Print & Color! It's Free! About Us #geltcreative #lovechocolategelt About Us #geltcreative #lovechocolategelt

Make your own picture out of chocolate gelt coins. We call it GeltArt. It's fun and creative. If you Love Art and you Love Chocolates, you will Love GeltArt! About Us #geltart #lovechocolategelt

In this electronic day and age, it's sometimes a challenge to get your family together. The days go by and we forget what really matters until special occasions bring us together again.

What better way to spend the Hanukkah than by being with your loved ones? Spend some quality time playing traditional games in a modern way. Holidays are always a special time to be with the people you care about. Everyone loves art and chocolates, and GeltArt is exactly what you get when you mix the two.

Teach about Chanukah with these craft supplies
Craft Dreidels - Decorate, make them your own! Item #1291 craft dreidel plain wood


GeltArt is the blend of chocolate, art but also tradition. It's a unique combination of family values and Hanukkah traditions with something that all children (and adults) love -- sweets.

Although chocolate is sometimes considered "bad food", scientifically speaking it has positive effects on our minds and bodies. The cacao, as the main ingredient, is known to hold "tremendous antioxidant potential", fight aging, oxidative stress and even prevents certain diseases like atherosclerosis. Chocolate also makes us feel better. With that in mind, little bit of chocolate every day is actually good for you.

Apart from the chocolate, art is another major element that goes into the process of creating GeltArt. From a medical standpoint, art is highly stimulating for the brain, and it is a type of mental de-stressor. Just after being exposed to art people start to feel better. Creating art is perhaps an effective way of letting go of everyday stress, as well as keeping the brain in shape.

Teach about Hanukkah with these supplies
Discount Gelt and Dreidels Combo. Item #1338 craft dreidel plain wood

But chocolate gelt is not just for eating, you can also play games with it. One of the games Jewish people play during Hanukkah is dreidel. You can also use gelt for puzzle-solving games. Remember making puzzles? #GeltArt is a great way to combine chocolates and art and bring your family or friends together for a fun activity. It can be a specific object or just a mosaic of colors. Use this to spend some quality time with family and friends, and make sure to turn off the notifications! In case you didn't know, puzzles are also known to stimulate the brain and even improve memory.

#GeltArt is a way to combine chocolates and art, and bring your family and friends together for a good times get togehter. Make #GeltArt, this fun and creative activity, your new Hanukkah tradition! Get your Hanukkah supplies in time and choose to spend your time with the people you care about! Happy Hanukkah!

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Teach about Hanukkah with these craft supplies
Coloring Gelt Coins - Color them, learn about Chanukah. Item #1337 craft dreidel plain wood ~ Making this world smile one chocolate coin at a time

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