At you will find discount prices, fast delivery and caring customer service. Here you can buy chocolate gelt, dreidels, Chanukah candles and other celebration supplies for Hanukkah and Purim. Retail, bulk and wholesale discounts. We are based in New York.
Life's like a box of chocolates and there's gotta be some gelt in it too!

Chanukah Chocolate Coins in Bulk
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Shalach Manot Supplies Sample

FREE - You pay for shipping only and we'll apply the amount towards your future Purim order. Order early and save! Special promotions will be emailed. THIS ITEM IS SHIPPED IN THE USA ONLY

We created this package for everyone who is involved in organizing Purim shalach manot fundraisers and needs to see our products before buying them in large quantities. Please note, this package is available only to qualified customers, i.e. synagogues, non-profit organizations etc which are planning a fundraiser.

This kit includes:
large Purim box, Purim gift bags medium hamentash box, mini Purim box, Purim gift cards, Purim candy bags groggers, masks and other Purim fillers - everything we have available at this time.

Please refer to our website for pricing - case quantities are listed at wholesale prices.


Available Options:
Address & name of company which you represent:
Approximate budget per gift:
Less than $4
More than $10
Not sure
Number of gifts to prepare:
More than 700
Not sure
Products of interest:
Non-eatable only
Purpose of sample:
to see customized pre-packed gift
to see individual products
Your position with the company:
PTA member
Sisterhood member
Know someone in fundraiser committee
Mishloach Manot Committee Chair

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Free shipping and more discounts! is your online source for Shalach Manot Supplies Sample. We serve schools, synagogues, non-profit organizations, as well as individuals. Shalach Manot Supplies Sample sold retail and wholesale, you can see price break depending on quantity you buy on each product page. Our popular products are dreidels, chocolate coins also known as gelt, candles and party gifts for Chanukah. Our selection also includes wide variety of Purim supplies Thank you for shopping at our store!


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