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Untitled Document Join a traditional Purim dress up! One of the main attributes of Purim celebration are masks. There are masks to wear for a Purim party and there are masks to wear for Purim Spiel (a theatrical presentation of Purim events usually presented by kids). These masks are great for a family Purim spiel or a synagogue wide party and also to add to your mishloach manot. Great times!

 Purim Character Masks - Set of 5 

Purim Character Masks - Set of 5 (SKU#: 76)
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Price: $3.99 - $4.75 

 Purim Character Masks Assortment (60 pcs) 

Purim Character Masks Assortment (60 pcs) (SKU#: 205)
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Price: $38.99 - $47.50 

 Soft Foam Animal Masks (Case of 144) 

Soft Foam Animal Masks (Case of 144) (SKU#: 1224)
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Price: $64.80 - $72.00 

 Soft Foam Animal Masks (each) 

Soft Foam Animal Masks (each) (SKU#: 84)
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Price: $0.60 - $0.80 

 Half Masks Assorted - 1 Dozen 

Half Masks Assorted - 1 Dozen (SKU#: 61)
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Price: $2.25 - $2.95 

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Mishloach Manot in Bulk
Mishloach Manot in Bulk
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Purim Boxes & Bags
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Purim Graggers


01.Soft Foam Animal Masks (each)
02.Half Masks Assorted - 1 Dozen
03.Purim Character Masks - Set of 5
04.Purim Character Masks Assortment (60 pcs)
05.Free Gift Purim Character Mask
06.Soft Foam Animal Masks (Case of 144) ships dreidels and chocolate coins from New York

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