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Untitled Document Groggers (also spelled graggers) or in Hebrew ra'ashanim simply mean - noisemakers. However, they do have a special importance during the holiday of Purim. When the megillah (scroll of Esther) is read we make noise with groggers every time Haman's name is mentioned to scorn him and his deeds. We say "Boo Haman" with this noise and rejoyce in celebrating. Our groggers come in several shapes, they are made of wood and plastic any one of these noisemakers will bring to life one of the oldest Purim traditions. They are also great addition for mishloach manot.

 NEW! Natural Wood Grogger PLAIN (EACH) 

NEW! Natural Wood Grogger PLAIN (EACH) (SKU#: 1452)
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Price: $2.25 - $2.99 

 NEW! Purim Grogger PINK (EACH) 

NEW! Purim Grogger PINK (EACH) (SKU#: 1451)
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Price: $2.25 - $2.99 

 Purim Groggers - Hand-clappers - Happy Purim (EACH) 

Purim Groggers - Hand-clappers - Happy Purim (EACH) (SKU#: 78)
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Price: $1.45 - $1.65 

 Purim Groggers Hand-Clappers (Bulk Case of 100) 

Purim Groggers Hand-Clappers (Bulk Case of 100) (SKU#: 209)
Click to Gelt it!

Price: $109.00  $89.00 

 Israeli Style Plastic Groggers Assorted LG (EACH) 

Israeli Style Plastic Groggers Assorted LG (EACH) (SKU#: 59)
Click to Gelt it!

Price: $1.29 - $1.45 

 Israeli Style Plastic Groggers Assorted LG (Case of 50) 

Israeli Style Plastic Groggers Assorted LG (Case of 50) (SKU#: 258)
Click to Gelt it!

Price: $47.00 - $49.00 

 Wood Grogger BLUE (EACH) 

Wood Grogger BLUE (EACH) (SKU#: 87)
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Price: $2.50 - $2.99 

 Wooden Grogger Assorted Colors (Bulk Case of 50) 

Wooden Grogger Assorted Colors (Bulk Case of 50) (SKU#: 1189)
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Price: $85.00 - $99.00 

 Purim Metal Groggers (EACH) 

Purim Metal Groggers (EACH) (SKU#: 187)
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Price: $0.79 - $0.99 

 Purim Metal Groggers / Graggers Assorted - (144 pcs) 

Purim Metal Groggers / Graggers Assorted - (144 pcs) (SKU#: 58)
Click to Gelt it!

Price: $75.99 - $83.99 

 Israeli Style Plastic Groggers SM (EACH) 

Israeli Style Plastic Groggers SM (EACH) (SKU#: 94)
Click to Gelt it!

Price: $0.76 - $0.85 

 Israeli Style Plastic Groggers SM (Bulk Case of 100) 

Israeli Style Plastic Groggers SM (Bulk Case of 100) (SKU#: 259)
Click to Gelt it!

Price: $65.00 - $75.00 

We are always happy with what we receive from Chocolate Gelt and the freebies you include with the orders is a great way to learn about additional products you offer.Website Rating = AverageOnline Ord...

Lauren Pinnar

Combine our groggers with many other products we have for Purim celebration and have a feast.

Purim Boxes & Bags
Purim Boxes & Bags
Mishloach Manot in Bulk
Purim Masks


01.Purim Metal Groggers (EACH)
02.Israeli Style Plastic Groggers SM (EACH)
03.Purim Groggers - Hand-clappers - Happy Purim (EACH)
04.Wood Grogger BLUE (EACH)
05.Israeli Style Plastic Groggers Assorted LG (EACH)
06.Purim Metal Groggers / Graggers Assorted - (144 pcs)
07.Israeli Style Plastic Groggers Assorted LG (Case of 50)
08.Israeli Style Plastic Groggers SM (Bulk Case of 100)
09.Purim Groggers Hand-Clappers (Bulk Case of 100)
10.Wooden Grogger Assorted Colors (Bulk Case of 50) ships dreidels and chocolate coins from New York

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