is where you can buy chocolate gelt and other celebration supplies. Here you will find chocolate coins from Israel (gelt) plus dreidels/draydels for Hanukkah and exclusive selection of Purim supplies. Retail, bulk and wholesale discount price levels. Dreidels and Groggers available year-round!

Life's like a box of chocolates and there's gotta be some gelt in it too!

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disposable seder plate
chocolate seder plate
Parve Chocolate Seder Plate
OU Parve Kosher for Passover.
chocolate matzo
Chocolate Covered Matzah
OU Parve Kosher For Passover.
wholesale, bulk, seder plate
Three Tier Passover Seder Plate Silver plated
16 inches in diameter. This plate makes a great center piece for a Passover Table. Three tiers are covered by silver plated walls with easy to open hinged doors and clasp latch. Very detailed impressive and traditional look.
Whether organizing a Purim party or sending a Mishloach Manot to a friend, you'll find the best value at masks, hamentashen, Purim masks, plastic groggers, metal graggers, fancy feather masks, groggers in bulk, masks at wholesale prices, shalach manot, flowers, beautiful purim gifts, Purim gift ideas, Purim party supplies, party ideas, Purim boxes and more...GOT GROGGERS?! Click here for our Purim Preview

For Passover: Seder plates, haggadah, matzah plate, gift baskets, learning supplies, toys, matzah covers, and more.

Also, for Chanukah: chocolate gelt, plastic dreidels, fillable dreidels, party favors, chanukah gelt in mesh bags, gelt by the box, gelt by the tub, gold fancy plastic dreidels, gift wrapped presents, dreidels and gelt combo, fillable dreiles with gelt, dreidels in bulk, discount cases of chocolate gelt and more...GOT GELT?! Click here for our Chanukah Preview Also visit our FUN CHANUKAH RECIPES page.

Email us with your questions For Bulk orders, please fill out this form. We are located in New York and can often deliver orders to our New York City customers within a matter of hours. During holiday season special gift delivery is available to Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Many items are available in discount bulk cases. It this is the case you will see a link next to product price which indicates that the item is also sold in bulk.

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