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 Plastic Electric Menorah (White) 

Plastic Electric Menorah (White) (SKU#: 194)
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Price: $23.00 - $27.99 

 Plastic Electric Menroah (Silver) 

Plastic Electric Menroah (Silver) (SKU#: 195)
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Price: $26.50 - $29.99 

 Traditional Brass Menorah 

Traditional Brass Menorah (SKU#: 202)
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Price: $26.00 - $29.99 

 Traditional Silver Menorah 9 in 

Traditional Silver Menorah 9 in (SKU#: 1206)
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Price: $14.99 - $17.99 

 Tin Menorahs imported from Israel - PACK of 10 

Tin Menorahs imported from Israel - PACK of 10 (SKU#: 1383)
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Price: $29.95  $18.99 

 Tin Menorah - Economy PACK of 10 

Tin Menorah - Economy PACK of 10 (SKU#: 1368)
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Price: $18.99 - $22.00 

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Untitled Document offers all essential Chanukah menorahs you may need. Candles to light a menorah, chocolate coins to play a traditional game of dreidels, small Chanukah gifts and favors to give out at your Chanukah party, and all these items are available in bulk if you are planning a big event. We strive to bring you prompt order delivery combined with responsive customer service and affordable prices. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!
01.Tin Menorah - Economy PACK of 10
02.Plastic Electric Menorah (White)
03.Traditional Silver Menorah 9 in
04.Tin Menorahs imported from Israel - PACK of 10
05.Plastic Electric Menroah (Silver)
06.Traditional Brass Menorah ships dreidels and chocolate coins from New York

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