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Life's like a box of chocolates and there's gotta be some gelt in it too!

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ALL OF THESE ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE AT OUR STORE (click on links to see products)'s editorial section with beautiful ideas to decorate your Chanukah event.

Items used in this photo:
Nut Free Coins Milk or Nut Free Coins Parve
Large Wood Dreidel Deluxe
Small Wood Dreidel Original
This combination of products creates a golden glow for your event. It includes a variety of large and small dreidels so that every one can choose the one he or she likes. This arrangement is safe for allergy mindful parents . The chocolates are made in a nut-free facility. Great for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and other Mazal Tovs happening during Chanukah.
All Nut Free Coins
All Dreidels

Items used in this photo:
Silver Stars Centerpiece
Dreidel Play Gelt Shekels
Small Wood Dreidels and Milk Chocolate Coins by Elite
Or Chanukah Combo Deluxe
This arrangement is really great for a Chanukah party where kids are involved. The silver centerpiece draws attention to where the action is taking place. Bright colored play gelt shekels combined with gold chocolate coins create a fun atmosphere. You can substitute coins by Elite with nut free coins if there are any allergy concerns. After your guests have enjoyed the delicious chocolate coins, they can pick up the dreidels and play the game with bright gelt shekels. Make it a fun party! Great for Hanukkah classroom presentations and celebrations.

Items used in this photo:
Traditional Silver Menorah
Blue Metallic Dreidels
Silver Chocolate Coins Parve by Elite
Just add blue or white Chanukah candles and your arrangement is complete.

This elegant and simple setup is pleasing to the eye and includes all traditional components of Chanukah Decor. The chocolates will be gone before you know it! Light the candles and see their reflections sparkle on the surface of beautiful blue metallic dreidels. Great for family and friends Chanukah parties.

Items used in this photo:
100 Loose Coins in Bulk
or Discount 100 Mesh Bags of Gelt
and Blue Metallic Dreidels
This is a simple yet beautiful Chanukah decoration idea. Spread chocolate coins and shiny dreidels on the table like confetti for a festive yet sophisticated look. These items add color, yet they all complement each other with warm glow. Add some tealite candles to this assortment and you will have the most beautiful Chanukah party setup. Great for Birthdays and Office Parties happening during the Holiday season.

Items used in this photo:
Silver Stars Centerpiece
100 Loose Coins in Bulk
or Discount 100 Mesh Bags of Gelt
and Blue Metallic Dreidels
Simple and Elegant arrangement for any Chanukah event. Traditional Hanukkah colors silver and blue will create a beautiful ambiance for your party. The blue metallic dreidels while very chic and shiny looking are also very easy to spin so they are perfect for decorating and playing. Blue and silver theme is a tasteful refined idea great for a family, friends or co-workers parties. Bring this Chanukah party combination to your work, your colleagues will be thrilled!

Items used in this photo:
Chanukah Gift Boxes
or Chanukah Gift (2S1D) with Silver Parve Coins
or Chanukah Gift (2G1D) with Gold Dairy Coins
These boxes are colorful and stylish. Use them with place cards for your Chanukah table or give them out to your friends, bring some to the classroom or make a pyramid out of them and build a perfect fun centerpiece. These boxes are great for everyone.

Items used in this photo:
Gold Organza Chanukah Favors
or Chanukah Favors Kit (great bargain)
100 Gold Dreidels or 25 Gold Dreidels
and Gold Coins (can use any gold coins from our store)
A big tray with sparkling and beautiful arrangement will be the center object of your guests' attention. They can have some chocolates and play the dreidel at your party. Then they can take a little pouch with gelt and dreidel home to remember what a wonderful party it was!

Items used in this photo:
Chanukah Favor (Dark Blue with Silver Coins)
Chanukah Favor (Silver with Silver Coins)
Blue Fillable Dreidels
add Chanukah Favor (Ocean Blue with Silver Coins)
Have you ever seen a vase full of dreidels? This is just what we are proposing. This centerpiece was a smashing hit at last year's Chanukah party which we helped decorating. If you want to decorate your event in a way so that there is nothing to clean up :) this is the solution. Your guests will be thrilled to take home these Chanukah souvenirs. ** FUN CHANUKAH IDEA: Put a number inside of each dreidel and for the culmination of your event make a drawing and award a lucky winner with a bottle of wine or whatever else might be appropriate and appreciated by your guests.

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When you purchase our products for your party, take a picture and share it with us so we may share it with other customers! Great ideas are always appreciated and tasteful (and tasty) arrangements are enjoyed by friends and families.

and remember:

Life's like a box of chocolates and there's gotta be some gelt there too!

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